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We know that there are fears associated with becoming a mentor which have generated many myths. We’ve compiled a top 10 list of some of these myths in an effort to debunk them!

The Myths of Mentoring

  1. If you become a mentor you are becoming a parental role model, especially if you are a male and your Little has no father figure in his life
  2. Being a mentor is expensive
  3. You must have experience being around kids before becoming a mentor and know exactly how to be a “good mentor”
  4. Most mentees are children/youth with serious emotional and behavioral problems
  5. Being a mentor involves a HUGE investment of time
  6. Being a mentor is a serious duty and not fun
  7. You have to have a perfect life, have no problems, and have all the answers to life’s mysteries to be a mentor
  8. You will constantly be giving yourself and not gaining anything in return
  9. You must be academically successful and be a college graduate
  10. Mentoring youth is a “feminine” activity