Founded in 1902, the mission of CBSBB is to address the social, emotional and academic challenges facing youth living in New York City's low-income neighborhoods by providing one-to-one mentoring services supported by life skills programming, crisis intervention, family support and referral assistance. We seek to improve the lives of children of all faiths, empowering them to recognize, reach for and achieve their full potential as self-sufficient adults.

Community-Based Mentoring

In CBSBB’s keystone mentoring program, youth ages 7-17, are carefully matched with a Big Sister or Big Brother who serves as an advisor, role model, and adult friend. Mentoring matches meet twice monthly for activities such as enjoying a show or ballgame, working together on a service project, or spending time together talking and doing homework. Matches are supported by life skills programming, crisis intervention, family support, and referral assistance as well as a dedicated Program Manager to oversee the match relationship. This mentoring model has been the core of CBSBB’s mission for over a century.

Interfaith Mentoring Program

Founded by a group of Catholic nuns working with the court system in New York City to support local youth, CBSBB is proud as a nonsectarian agency to work with volunteers and youth of all religious and non-practicing traditions. We seek to make mentoring matches across racial and religious backgrounds to encourage tolerance, understanding, and meaningful relationships. Individuals from Jewish, Islamic, and all faith backgrounds, including agnosticism and atheism, are highly encouraged to apply for a volunteer mentoring role with Catholic Big Sisters Big Brothers.

Intergenerational Mentoring Program

While many mentors in CBSBB’s programs are in their 20s or 30s, we strongly value Big Sisters and Big Brothers of all ages. We are excited to promote intergenerational matches by connecting our youth with older adults for mentorship. Our baby-boomer volunteers have more life experience, are less likely to leave New York City, and often have more flexible schedules to be involved in the lives of their Little Sisters or Little Brothers. If you are or know an older adult interested in mentoring, please reach out to the Community Engagement team for more information.

Skill Building/College Bound

CBSBB offers a comprehensive set of workshops, activities, one-on-one support and referrals that begin on the first day a youth comes to the agency and ends, hopefully, with college graduation. Current programming includes workshops like: self-esteem building, career readiness panels, and wellness-focused yoga. If you have a special skill that could benefit our youth, please don't hesitate to reach out!