Youth mentoring has research-based evidence of both short and long term impact on the children served and the community at large.

Making a positive impact in the lives of our Littles is the main focus at Catholic Big Sisters & Big Brothers. We are proud of the changes mentoring makes in a Little’s life. Our confidence in the strength and uniqueness of our programming comes from proven research and the personal experiences of our youth. We are proud of our results:

  • 99% of youth served avoid arrest
    • The average annual cost to incarcerate one NYC youth in secure detention is over $350,000 - Justice Policy Institute. The average annual cost per child in CBSBB, a prevention mentoring program, is $5,000.
  • 99% of youth served avoid pregnancy
    • Each year, 17,000 NYC youth between the ages of 15 and 19 become pregnant - Citizens Committee for Children
  • 92% of youth served were promoted to the next grade
    • Hispanic and Black youth are close to three times more likely than White youth to have repeated a grade of primary school which research shows leads to a greater likelihood of dropping out of school, poor social adjustment and more behavior problems - Child Trends
  • 92% of 12th grade youth served graduate high school
    • Black and Hispanic students in NYC graduated high school at a rate of 68.1% and 66.9% respectively in 2016- The New York Times 
  • 83% of high school graduates enter college or a training program
    • Approximetely 50% percent of New York City's High School graduates from "low income, high minority" schools enrolled into college in the fall after graduation - The National Student Clearinghouse 

The latest analysis of our semi- annual parent surveys show that: 

  • 89% of parents believe their child has grown in self-esteem and self-confidence after being matched with a mentor

Long Term Impact

Large scale study finds adults mentored as children through having a Big Sister or Big Brother are more likely than peers with similar backgrounds, but didn’t have a mentor, to have a four-year college degree and incomes of $75,000 or more. They also report stronger relationships with their spouses, children and friends. The long-term benefits are clear that the one-on-one structured mentoring model’s impact reaches far beyond the time that children are enrolled in the program.

Implementing mentoring programs with the highest standards, as Catholic Big Sisters and Big Brothers does, suggests we have the potential to break cycles too often associated with family and community poverty. Invest in our kids today, Sponsor-a-Match Here!

Harris Interactive Alumni study findings:

  • Alumni Littles were 75% more likely than non-alumni to have received a four-year college degree.
  • Alumni Littles were 39% more likely than non-alumni to have current household incomes of $75,000 or higher
  • A majority of alumni Littles are extremely or very satisfied with their relationships to friends, family and spouses. Fewer non-alumni report the same level of satisfaction.
  • Approximately two in three alumni Littles are extremely or very satisfied with life compared to just over one in three non-alumni.
  • A majority of alumni Littles (62%) perceive themselves to have achieved a higher level of success than their peers who did not have a Big Sisters or Big Brother. Furthermore, this is twice as many as the 31% of non-alumni who report being more successful than other people they grew up with.
  • Alumni Littles are more likely than non-alumni to be engaged in their community over the past 12 months, particularly when it comes to volunteering (52% vs 35%, respectively) and holding a leadership role in an organization working on an issue (29% vs. 16%, respectively).

Alumni Littles reported having a "Big" in their lives positively influenced their self- confidence, provided stability and changed their perspectives on life, taught them new things, influenced aspects of their education, pushing them to set higher goals and make better decisions. The ripples effects of mentoring reaches far beyond the individual children we serve, to their families, communities and employers.

Designation (2)

CBSBB has been recognized by Mentor NY as the only agency in NY State to receive the Tier IV designation for quality mentoring, their top level award.