• TTYA Fun at Coney Island

    Last month, CBSBB’s Transition to Young Adulthood’s (TTYA) Bigs and Littles celebrated a successful and transformative year together! The TTYA program aims to provide relevant and age-appropriate services to mentees as they navigate becoming young adults, so they may thrive in their new life path. On Saturday, May 30, TTYA Bigs and Littles got together to culminate a year of programming with some fun at Coney Island’s Luna Park. The beautiful weather only exaggerated the already beautiful day. The group enjoyed the opportunity to reconnect and foster truly genuine friendships with each other. Highlights from the day include lunch from Smorgasburg, sharing funnel cake, going on rides, playing boardwalk games, and winning prizes. The biggest prize of all was that the group left feeling happy and even more connected.  CBSBB is incredibly proud of all of our Littles who participated and we’re excited for our new TTYA group this year!

  • A CBSBB Big’s Match Reflection

    Katherine and Nancy have been a part of CBSBB for almost two years! As their match anniversary is around the corner, Big Sister Nancy took some time to reflect on how much she and her Little have bonded over the years, as well as how much fun they have had together!

    “We have been on so many outings since we were matched. During the cold months we typically go to places that are warm and indoors, such as the mall or a movie theater. We have watched a bunch of movies such as Annie, Alexander & The Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day, Despicable Me, etc. However, Disney’s Frozen and Big Hero 6 are our favorites.”

    “Katherine loves seahorses. So one of the first places I took her to was to The Coney Island Aquarium. We spent hours in there. For her birthday, my boss made her a huge seahorse cake which was completely edible-she was so happy!"


    “During the warmer months we tend to like spending time outdoors. We have visited The Queens Zoo, The Museum of Moving Image, Flushing Meadow Park, and the NY Hall of Science. We also went to a place called Fantasy Park in Flushing Meadows where they have a bunch of rides and games. We had a blast and at the end we rode the Carousel.”

    “I also signed us up to take a sewing machine class in Park Slope. Katherine sews dolls by hand so I wanted her to see how a sewing machine works. The place was called "Flirt Brooklyn" and I would recommend going here if you are looking for something to do with your Little! It was such a fun experience and we were able to bond even more. We each made our own tote bag and waist purse. We were amazed that our sewing projects looked as if they were made by a professional. Later on we tried to make a felt cat by using a video we found on YouTube. The project looked simple but it wasn't! Her cat turned out great but I was not too happy with the one I did.”

    Congratulations Katherine and Nancy on what sounds like two wonderful years together! Here’s to an even better third match year!

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