• Match Highlight: Linda and Jo

    CBSBB mentor Linda, a digital media representative, has been matched for a year with her “Little” Jo, who is a junior in high school. They both say they were surprised at how fast they clicked and connected. That might just be because both Linda and Jo are open, relaxed and ready for new adventures. They have enjoyed riding tandem bikes in Central Park and going swimming and they plan to try yoga, laser tag and volunteering at a soup kitchen. Between outings, they keep in touch with phone calls and texts.

    A mentoring match doesn’t operate in isolation. Each match is supported by CBSBB’s Mentoring Coordinators, who check in with both the Big and the Little and the Littles’ family, to make sure things are going smoothly. And sometimes the mentor gets to know the Little’s family. One mentor, Linda, a digital media representative, visited the family of her Little, Jo, for brunch. Later, Jo’s mother Edo shared some thoughts with Jess Jardine, the match’s Mentoring Coordinator. “Linda is so relaxed and easy-going,” said Edo. “Jo can continue to be herself with Linda. Linda doesn’t judge; she makes Jo laugh. Jo has come to trust her, and has really opened up.”

    Edo went on to say that CBSBB has given Jo a community and a network that parents don’t have access to. The mentoring relationship lets the kids know there are good people in the world who can be trusted. The experience can open up the world for them. It promotes healthy discussions and encourages their development and their dreams for the future. “When Linda came to brunch, she didn’t seem like she was in a hurry to leave” said Edo, “she fit right in. Jo and I are so appreciative of Linda.”



  • Match Highlight: Darragh and Andie

     Matched for just a few months, Mentor, Darragh, and her Little, Andie’s relationship has been blossoming into one full of fun and promise. Andie’s favorite outing so far was participating in a community service day hosted by Cathedral High School. Their day consisted of activities to support homeless shelters in New York City, like assembling care packages and making blankets and bags. Both Darragh and Andie got pretty crafty when it came to making their blanket, and in the end they were proud of what they had created. According to Darragh, community service “gives both [a mentor and his/her little] an opportunity to connect with the broader community, but it also opens up new conversations with your Little.”

    With the help of our intern Hayley Redmond, CBSBB Mentoring staff researched and compiled a list of community service opportunities, organized by borough, so mentors could select one that was nearby the Little’s home. CBSBB believes that just as each one of our mentees receive services, it is important for them to give back to the community. Volunteering allows our Littles to get involved with new things, develop skills that can’t be learned in a classroom, and grow in confidence.

    Asked if she would do it again, Big Sister Darragh said “Definitely!It was well run, we had fun but, more importantly, we were able to make a difference in the community!




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